Tips for Finding the Right Scuba Mask


THE RIGHT SCUBA MASK IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF A GOOD DIVING EXPERIENCE.  The scuba mask must fit properly,  allow for clear vision, prevent leakage, and be easily equalized and and defogged. The mask should also be constructed of  good quality materials.

The lens of the mask should be made from high grade tempered glass  (the higher the better) for more vivid colors and less distortion. If you do not need prescription glasses, a mask with a single lens will work fine. A replacement correction lens can be added to a dual lens mask for those who need prescription lenses.

Other things to consider regarding lenses are shape and angle. Most scuba masks have teardrop or reverse teardrop shapes for an increased field of vision in the lower and side area. If the lens is angled, it will also increase the lower field of vision and decrease the mask’s internal volume.

The frame of the scuba mask can be either framed or frame-less. Many scuba divers buy framed masks and use frame-less masks for reserve masks because they can be folded up and stored easily.

A framed mask has a rigid frame to which the other components of the mask are attached. Framed masks can be easily taken apart to add prescription lenses and for cleaning, repair, or replacement of parts.

Frame-less masks, on the other hand, do not allow you to dismantle the mask because all the components are secured by a silicone skirt. If the lens on frame-less mask is damaged, there is no way to replace it.

The mask skirt is the component that is responsible for providing a good seal around the mask.  For the the best seal, good flexibility, and most comfort, choose a scuba mask with a skirt made from high grade silicone. A good quality mask may have a secondary skirt for even better seal to the face.

The scuba mask is secured by a silicone strap for increased skirt-to-skin contact. Straps must be adjustable and use a buckle or push button system to accommodate different head sizes and shapes. 


  1. Without placing the strap around your head, center the mask on your face.
  2. Inhale through your nose normally.
  3. Let go of the mask with your hand.

If the mask stays on your face, it fits properly. If it doesn’t, you will need to try a different mask.

Below are a few popular scuba masks with good quality materials and design for you to check out: 

Tusa Liberator Plus Scuba Mask


  • Mask with Mask Box
  • Low-Profile Low Volume Two Window Mask
  • Double Feathered Edge Silicone Rubber Skirt
  • Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization
  • Clear or Black Silicone Rubber Mask Skirt

Atomic Aquatics Venom Scuba Mask

  • Ultra Clear Schott Superwite glass lens with exceptional optical clarity.
  • Patented SubFrame design with hydrodynamic styling and no external frame.
  • Double-layer, dual-color silicone skirt keeps the mask comfortably secure.
  • One-window / low volume design for unobstructed forward vision and wide viewing angles.
  • Simple squeeze-to-adjust mask strap.

Cressi Big Eyes Scuba Mask


  • Raked lenses provide excellent field-of-view
  • Inverted tear-drop lenses improve downward visibility for managing bc-mounted gear
  • Low internal volume allows for effortless clearing
  • High-grade silicone resists aging and skirt discoloration and a leak-free seal
  • Quick-adjust swivel buckles

Hollis M1 Frameless


  • Frameless 100% pure silicon skirt
  • Saint-Gobain Diamant – Crystal Clear Lens
  • Wide vision and low volume

Scuba Pro Synergy 2 Trufit


  • Mask with Mask Box
  • ScubaPro Synergy 2 Trufit Mask
  • Trufit Ultra-Soft Skirt Technically-Developed to Fit Any-and-Every Face Shape
  • Unique-Rigidity Allows Perfect Seal and Comfort
  • Two-Different Thicknesses: Thicker & Firmer, w/Matt-Finish Near Mask Frame: Provides Needed Support & Rigidity Silicone Contouring Face, Thinner Giving Softer-Feeling, for Truly-Unique Fit& Sea

There are so many different masks to choose from so take your time and find what works best for you! 




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